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Didn't apologize or even make eye contact! My purchases are usually the same. So she knew exactly who I was. Distance: 1.48 miles . I am a paying customer and shouldn't have to feel like I can't go in there, because she is ignorant. There will be a person in charge in the am named Martha. I was over charged for refilling my own jug cup from 10000 block Two Notch Rd. that's 45 people out of my office alone, and we gas up every day,but now not at circle k.i figure that's a few thousand a week out of your pocket, because you let individuals like the manager there at the 107th and union hills location continue with their bullshit attitude towards work,and or their customers, or both at times. We are african american but very respectable and successful people. Managers and market managers should always be available to answer their phone especially if it was a five minute rule. I think they are gouging. As I said, I will no longer be coming in for gas, and I will do my best to not visit any circle K's if I can get away with it. it's a matter of time before all the locals head elsewhere. Keeping photos and info.of people without the persons consent.I am no longer a regular cutomer at any of your establishments .I get better service and respect at your competitors stores where the people are friendlier and the employees know how to greet you and know the value of your business. You can seriously loose a lot of business giving those managers the authority to tell people that they can't come in the store and I'm an upstanding citizen. The only legal requirement is to verify age,not my name, weight,height, address and signature taken from the swiping of my Driver's ID. The car had the proper tags which I noticed once I drove in . Also in the Eureka Mo. I do not think she should be working at this place. Inspiring positivity, one person at a time —30+ days ago . Good day. #3495 Phillip/ex-employee had the elderly lady on 3rd shift robbed by 1of his friends. Your company sold me Pepsi max 2 liter that was 9 MONTHS past it's sell by date! I decided to purchase the vitamin water that was listed on sale for buy one at regular price receive the 2nd one for $1.00 I was informed by Laura that the signs were out of date and I would not receive the sale price. My gas display stated that I had room for 7.1 gal. really. Founded in 1951 in El Paso, Texas, the company filed for bankruptcy protection in 1990 and went through several owners, before being acquired by Alimentation Couche-Tard in 2003. If you are looking for a great cup of coffee, fresh food to go, quality fuels and excellent car washes we are the place to visit. Yes you red that right. She did the RIGHT thing. Multi Location Business Find locations. 1575 Northside Drive NW. N. Las Vegas store.It is amazing to me that gas prices here $3.34 are more expensive than California,$ 3.09.How do you set your prices?To Bob"s junk store up the street?Most other circle k's are $3.09-$3.13 and as low as $2.99. Store Hours; Hours may fluctuate. There are over 19 circle k headquarters careers waiting for you to apply! its your money walkin down the road, and that's the bottom line isn't it? She makes rude remarks in front of customers such as "If they don't like it, they know where the door is." Circle K station in Stockholm Circle K Stores, Inc. is an international chain of convenience stores, owned by the Canadian multinational Alimentation Couche-Tard. Find 129 listings related to Circle K Headquarters in Tucson on I was so furious when I left. I guess will employee anyone there and could care less if they have proper skills to deal with people. The town that helped create and grow your corporation into the billion dollar industry that you are now is now left in the shadows. Business Profile. I would like to know if you guys there at the corporate offices are allowing your employees to carry firearms while at work.? Who would then have to be raised by relatives. Chandler police have been notified. I also called the market manager twice nothing. I purchased a gift card in Lafayette, In for my wife's birthday. Headquarters Brownsville, Texas Locations 4030 E State Rd 511 ... Circle K is an international chain of convenience stores, founded in 1951. I truly believe it's a perfect spot. She reluctantly gave me my money back with and attitude. I'm having difficulty with the Job Application Process. As a customer I find it appalling that you let this employee get away with this. The next time I see a mouse in the store I will be contacting the health department about said mice and the fact that the older woman making the breakfast quesadillas does not restrain her hair with a net or hat. Ciecle K | 11 followers on LinkedIn. I work at circle k store #01984. You people sit in your ivory towers with employment saleries and benefits that are totally obscene, probably with body guards but the person at the cash register in your store isn't allowed to defend herself? That's what circle k wants to keep wages low by creating a revolving door of new trainees in a attempt to save money and they will do it any other way they can get away with or so it seems. After three minutes of standing there, I put my items back and went on to the next closest convenience store. 1 Review . The manager is bitching about having to have off duty police officers on premises because of the drug issues. Circle K corporate office location in the USA, phone number, headquarters, address, email. We have premium quality fuels and an excellent car wash. April refused to go to court. But the fast growth and creative innovation of the 1980s were not without difficulty and controversy. Once in a while they might be in service but 98% of the time they have papers up staying that there are No Fountain Drinks! if yall do accept out of state id's then yall need to fire "Bonnie-Circle K bossier city la,71111 4629 East Texas Street. We are committed to listening to what our customers say. She also take donuts home and acts like she can get anything out of the store for free. Industry: Gas Stations. Circle K at 6101 Bradley Park Dr, Columbus, GA, US is a convenience store and gas station offering a wide variety of products for people on the go. Please make this right. The rumor around the store is that she's exchanging sexual favors to our customers in exchange for a place to stay. Mgrs like this are the reason for such high turnover and cost the company more money. I get it, this cup is for when you are working...but when any customer came into store 9181 where I worked with any cup, we charged them for a refill. I agree. I then ask for her name and she refuses to give it to me. My son hasn't gotten paid as of 10 12 17 and it is now 10 18 17 I've called the payroll department and angelina who clearly doesn't have any idea what she is doing and very rude and that's only when you can get her on the phone. THE FACT IS WITHOUT CUSTOMERS YOU DON'T EXIST AND JUST BUILDING A BUSINESS DOESN'T MEAN YOU WILL SUCCEED ;). Then when I asked for his name he refused to give it to me. If this is how you train your clerks to get extra $$ for your store it's not a good choice. This racist rude man should not be working at a store where 99% of the loyal customers are of a race that he does not like and is boldly treating like garbage. Tempe Productions LLC. Comments are for review purposes. If your into that wait until your off work to get your fix..... Epically when the employee recently got promoted to a lead csr position have integrity and responsibility for your habits. We are doing work that matters - connecting customers with businesses around the world and help them resolve issues and be heard. It ran at a rate that delivered one gallon of gas every 3+ minutes. is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully voicing consumer concerns since 2004. 11096 Pebble Hills Blvd. I have NEVER walked into a place and been so rudely attacked such as I was today!!! Circle K Stores, Inc. is an international chain of convenience stores, owned by the Canadian multinational Alimentation Couche-Tard.Founded in 1951 in El Paso, Texas, the company filed for bankruptcy protection in 1990 and went through several owners, before being acquired by Alimentation Couche-Tard in 2003. The associates are being bad mouth in front of the customers. I had to drive back SIXTY MILES to get them to activate it!!!!!!!!! Little did anyone know that these stores would serve as the beginning of Circle K. I am sorry that happen to you.. That is not Circle K's Policy. So I went ahead and took the fish inside anyway. I didn't think she could possibly be talking to me as I JUST ENTERED the store so I kept walking. I went into the Krebs, Ok location on 6/14/15 at 8:49:55 Receipt 163158 store # 2704008 pm to purchase gas and drinks. I wasn't complaining about the fish being cold. Careers at Circle K; Benefits of Life at Circle K; Contact Us; Food & Coffee. I make it as much as the hazelnut and premium blend. My Letter from the CA Lottery clearly states that on May !6th Fantasy Five Ticket # 090-54114329-108335 was cashed by our retailer, Circle K 0736, on May 16th 2016 for a total of $12.00. Store Hours; Hours may fluctuate. I asked the customer service rep to split the bill. Unfortunately, I have had to go in there several times through out the 6 years since I removed myself from their employ. DO YOU REALLY SELL THAT MANY GIFT CARDS ? WE ARE FRUSTRATED! And this is occurring at a location in Centennial Colorado per the direction of the district manager Lali Dhillon. Id like to see action taken against these store employees !!! SHAME ON YOU!! The real problem is that the everyone who got their pay for working that day got paid less than minimum wage because they programed the payroll computer to calculate the rate of pay at point 5 (.5) instead of 1.5. She then said, again with an attitude, "Well, the cold drinks are in the cooler on the wall over there, otherwise you'll have to drink a hot drink if you want a drink from back there!!" So they leak product. Suite 470. Good Morning, I work for a business that is located across the street from 3300 main st. at least i could get into the store. Very few customers complain about it but I have a very serious problem or else I wouldn't be taking the time to tell you. Why is Circle K not interested in the security of customers or employees? I guarantee the store or corporate will not do it.. I don't know how much $$ damage was caused by the impact. the store the asst. Or worse, went into foster homes. It operates over 2,100 stores throughout the United States and in nearly 4,000 international locations. I got back to work and called the store and this same cashier answered the phone. I live right around the corner from the store. Convenience Store. Another lady came there who was from Florida and had her gift card decline( a great sales pitch for selling more gift cards to me--lol) They told her she needed to call the number on the back. Please look into this matter. I think someone till dipped and used it for drugs and paid it back before they got caught but was going to use my kid as a scape goat.BAAADDDD Circkle-K. Have Circle K headquarters noticed the high rate of turn over at Creston Ohio location? I mean seriously, let it go. Before this, I decided to buy a pack of smokes (yes I am a smoker, sue me) they cashier asked me for my ID and the manager says, " She is old enough, she used to work here." It would really help if those writing comments would learn to capitalize anduse punctuation. As I am walking out the door, I hear," Yeah she got fired for...." I didn't hear all of it, but she said it in a very condescending tone. One Person on register with a line 10 people deep while 3 other employees are outside Smoking cigarettes.Its sad when a customer has to go outside and ask one of them to please come in and ring people up and the overall attitude is "Whatever"!! I had a tire blow out and pulled into the location on 24th and Lindsay in Norman,Ok. THANK YOU DYLAN FOR BRINGING SUNSHINE TO MY CLOUDY DAY! I will no longer shop at #4963 or any circle k until the quality of employees improve. When I tasted one it was so soggy, I went back into the store just to get a new bag or refund and she refused to help me at all. I then asked her for HER SUPERVISOR'S NAME and she refused to give it to me. Circle K is a convenience store chain offering a wide variety of products for people on the go. Assuming they have employment? Yes I did hurt myself, I am in pain, (if anyone cares to know) and I'm very upset. Cirkle K charges $1.50 to refill these even though they say Polar Pop right on them. Circle K Stores Inc Corporate Office & Headquarters 2440 Whitehall Park Dr Charlotte NC 28273 Circle K Stores Inc corporate phone number: (704) 583-5739 Average Rating and Total Reviews I hit the bottom of my rear door. If you need public restrooms or an ATM, please stop by. How much for an oz of skunk is it cheaper than the dispensaries. The typical LIBERAL approach which isn't working. QT, 7 11, grocery stores are now offering convenient lunches and fountain soda machines. The stores that are around where I live ( cottonwood, Camp Verde, and Sedona) all hire people who openly talk about their drug use. It is very unprofessional. I feel like she degrades the integrity of the entire store. When I type in it never loads the page. after purchasing a bag of wheat thins, I didn't pay any attention to the expiration date. store at 5th ave and 34 street. The other day while I was in your store this woman took a board and hit a older man employee in the back of the head with it. that circle k doesn't care if their employees do drugs as long as they show up. Tonight makes the 3rd time that I did not get my discount. I choose to do business elsewhere. The new manager at the Corona Circle K store at 3rd & Main St. Is extremely rude. How do you stay in business at this rate? here is the just Heather said her managers do not allow her to post out of order signs for the vacuum and air machine that are in your parking lot she said they're not yours suspiciously enough they are labeled with Circle K emblems I have been here for an hour all I wanted to do is simply vacuumed my car now I use my credit card the power light is on and it's probably still charging my credit card see above. She only hires people that she is acquainted with. Find out what works well at Circle K from the people who know best. We have premium quality fuels and excellent car washes. What "Jackwagon" made this executive decision?? thank you. Beside the issue with the soda machine I think you have some management issues as well. Get it together Circle K! I asked for her supervisor's name and phone number. The coupons end on the 31st, will there be an extention on the coupon or not, since they never have the water when I go every other day. I would think that being next to a church he would refrain from curssing and making crude remarks about women. The new Circle K brand will replace Couche-Tard’s existing Circle K ®, Statoil ®, Mac’s ® and Kangaroo Express ® branding on stores and service stations across Canada, the USA, Scandinavia and Central and Eastern Europe. The pump did NOT shut off causing a gas spill. I really hope someone from corp sees this and reaches out to me. This is in regards to the Manager at the Jetmore, Ks location. Finally I let her know that Im the one who called and she rolled her eyes and asked for the receipt. I need and want a job and from what I understand this particular store needs and wants an employee. The car wash severely damaged my car. I've told others in our very small community and they have been very upset and also shared that they have had terrible experiences and haven't been buying from that store. YOU FIRED AN EMPLOYEE FOR DEFENDING HERSELF AND CUSTOMERS.THEREFORE, I FIRE YOUR COMPANY, ANY WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM YOU. To learn more about these partnerships please visit - this was a review i wrote about the HORRIBLE service me and my elderly mother received. There are days that the soda machine works but the store has no cups. 3-31-15 TO: Manager of the Corporate office of Circle K I wish to inform you that your store in Cortland Ohio has ignored the city of Cortland city-wide drinking water alert stating to boil drinking water for 3 minutes that began on Friday March 27, 2015 due to a water line break at 5:30 a.m. that morning and ended today, March 31, 2015 at 13:30p.m. I over heard a lady talking to her mother about a manager at one of your Tucson store that makes her own schedule so that she can be home to make sure her boyfriend isn't out and about since he no longer is working. So if you're being rude to the CSR(Customer Service Representative) then they can and sometimes will tell you to leave with out giving you any of the merchandise you wanted. I was upset because this was the 3rd time so I told him to solve it. I went into the store 441, 3603 Peach Orchard Rd., Augusta Ga. 30906 on Sunday 8/18/2018. CIRCLE K PLEASE train employees on customer service, how to address customers.9/ 08/18 (Saturday night) I witnessed 2 of your employees accuse a customer of parking in handicap w/o a permit . Well you have and going to loose a lot of customer that keep you in business. Not sure if Ronnie Chandler/DM even knows!! It's her routine. Circle K on Vista del Sol and Zaragoza in El Paso, TX has a very belligerent employee whose name is Vanessa. Doesn't the rules apply to Mgrs too! reviews, complaints and ratings. Corporate Hours: Monday – Friday – 8 to 5pm. I was pretty much accused of stealing money from the drawer. I am giving you guys the opportunity to rectify this situation before i take further action with my attorney. Having him always bring her something from any restaurant just so that she knew when and where he was at. I will not be returning to a Circle K again if possible. Circle K Main Office. Also, left a voicemail on the corporate line. Circle K is part of Alimentation Couche-Tard, a Quebec-based international owner of gas stations and convenience stores. I recently left Circle K, graduating school in a couple weeks, I left on a good note, was never late, worked hard for the minimum wage I was may call my manager Doyle at store 9181, he will confirm. Circle K Main Office. Holy crap, anyone from another country reading this stuff mustthink we are all as dumb as a stump. As you can see they do nothing. As I go into the circle K on Sandario in Marana 7:30 pm 10-10-15, I notice your employee Nicole, I say hi, and pick out two lighters and step up to pay, all of a sudden she starts to lecture me about getting gas at the pump, ( awhile back I purchased fuel in a gas can and a credit card and the another customer was shopping inside) she said she got yelled at by another customer and thought she should pass it on,( it tells me she didn't handle that issue correctly either), anyways she persisted through the transaction and scolded me in front of other customers in the store and at the counter, she was very loud so that every customer in that store heard Nicole chastising me, this is unacceptable in all ways, I am calling corporate on Monday morning, how much ruder can you get. Circle K Stores, Inc., is a international chain of convenience stores, originally founded in 1951, in El Paso, TX. Nike Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address: One Bowerman Drive Beaverton, Oregon 97005 USA Corporate Phone Number: 1-503-671-6453 C... Best Buy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, Tim Hortons Corporate Office Headquarters, Wells Fargo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, Enterprise Corporate Office Headquarters HQ. I want to make a complaint against one of your employes at Circle K Hwy 53 Calhoun, Ga...Her name is Natasha...I was in the store on 10/3/2017 around 11:58 am ......I went into the store to refill my Kcup.....when I noticed you also had the Pink Ribbon I wanted to know how the promotion worked for the Pink Ribbon I asked Natasha if she could help me...I said excuse me can you help me, she said what do you want, I asked her how the Pink Ribbon Cups work....She told me you have to buy them....I understand that I have to buy one but when I buy one how does the promotion work...well she said you will get a free fill when you buy the cup....Ok but after that what happens.......She plainly looked at me as if I was stupid or something.....and told me to buy it and find out and walked away.......I have never in my 64 years of life been treated so rudely or so nasty by a store employee ...and now I do not mind telling you.....You have lost my business , if this is how you treat your customers.....This Girl was very rude and nasty toward me.....and I will not allow it....But I also felt this has to be brought to someones attention.....Before you loose more customers due to her attatude. Ck engine lite on ever since. They didn't have ID as she had just driven two blocks from her home- She told her "that is just too bad, then". Circle K is headquartered in Laval, Canada and has 25 office locations across 9 countries. With this being the only convenience store in this town I would hope that someone will be in contact with her soon. The lady on the phone was rude. Hello I'm looking to lease 10 acres of land to your company in Bisbee, Az. Welcome to the global Circle K YouTube page.For more information visit or She even makes a run pass their house whenever she thinks someone is there just to check up on him.This manager has left the store and picked up her boyfriend so that he could get to work when he was working. Circle K is an international chain of convenience stores, founded in 1951 in El Paso, Texas, United States. Edit 2 Circle K - Tampa 2220 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa FL 33606-1537 Phone Number: (813) 253-3480. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Circle K Headquarters locations in Tucson, AZ. She proceeded with my transaction and didn't even ask if i was ok. When every other time I was charged the $0.69. does this mean I can come in at 10:00am and claim an unsold sandwich for myself?? Convenience Store. Thanks-. I only know this woman first name Reba. I came in the next day and refilled the same cup expecting to pay the $1.00 no big deal. Circle K Stores Inc Corporate Office & Headquarters 2440 Whitehall Park Dr Charlotte NC 28273 Circle K Stores Inc corporate phone number: (704) 583-5739 Average Rating and Total Reviews They think because that they are managers that they can talk to the customers any kind of way. !By the way we have been going to this circle k for over 10years! VERY DISRESPECTFUL !!! So if you are asked Are you 18 or older? Then you have this person running your register. Contact Us. IT IS TIME THAT EVERYONE PASS THE WORD...DO NOT DO BUSINESS AT CIRCLE K. IT'S EASY TO CHOOSE A GAS STATION WHEN YOU NEED GAS, BUT AS FOR CIRCLE K IT IS NOT EASY TO STAY IN BUSINESS WHEN THEY IGNORE CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS. This new store was built where the old one was. Post Office Box 52084 1601 North 7th Street Phoenix, Arizona 85072 – 2084 U.S.A. (602) 253 – 9600. then you're going to need people to give me a refund which will take god knows how long. This woman is your employee and the management knows what she did and they still let her work there. I know the lottery tickets are scanned when you turn them in as a winner. As a company your store should take some responsibility as to what happens when car washes have equipment failure or malfunction. Take a look at yourself or maybe, smell yourself before making those complaints. After I straightened that out I handed it to my wife. A reply back would be appreciated. Good luck to your business. Thanks for an excuse to avoid shopping at Circle K stores. The manager was rude about the situation. We've implemented cinnamon coffee. She is always on her phone checking up on this same boyfriend. HER OWN SON IS THE VERY ONE ROBBING YOUR CRESTON OHIOLOCATION. Alimentation brands include Circle K, Kangaroo Express, Holiday and On the Run. I told her that I was never given one. "all hail bonbon, heir to mayoral throne" Was one employee, who became asst.manager by possibly sleeping with her boss is now training for manager and training part of the time with that same , now asst. Circle K is part of Alimentation Couche-Tard, a Quebec-based international owner of gas stations and convenience stores. Is it possible for you to add a designated smoking area "AWAY" from the entrance of your stores? I was told the only had 2 loaves of oat and honey bread. I'm not sure if anyone at corporate even cares, but I will no longer be purchasing gas at ANY of their stores again. If you know the signs are out of date, take them down. Concerned customer Been going to store for years, 35 & deer valley, ,recently seen employee smoking weed, it was very disappointing, ,,need to contact manager. It's sad when you see circle k employees in the leesville la store buying or receiving illegal drugs while they are working behind the register and there are customers in line. … Business Profile. Went there tonight and was treated unfairly due to my age and race and I will be looking into filing a LAWSUIT against this store. Circle K Stores Inc. is located in Tempe, AZ, United States and is part of the Convenience Stores & Truck Stops Industry. Circle K Stores Inc. owns and operates convenience stores. Good luck but I will never go into one of your stores again. About Search Results. one of the most awful run stores I have been in. Since it is her routine to cuss her customers. IT SEEMS NO ONE PERSON SEEMED TRAINED ON HOW TO SELL OR REDEEM A GIFT CARD---HOW CAN YOU EXPECT TO SELL THEM IF YOUR EMPLOYEES DON'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! im sure you don't really care about someone bitchin about the garbage service this store gives, but myself and my 3 crews of city workers will not frequent your stores anymore,as per me, the boss. Circle K - Southeast Division is located in Charlotte city of North Carolina state. I said that i seen them but i still fell. If she was a simple cashiers she would be fired quick for her behavior! Other Managers require you to ask for the ID no matter what age they seem to be. Imagine my surprise when the pump stoped at $50 dollars. I have had an arkansas id since i was 18 and have been going into circle k in louisiana since then and today when i went in to get a carton of cigs they told me corp. doesnt allow ppl with out of state id's to buy cigs or beer. Why do I have to stand in line inside? Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. bought the company in 2003. #3495/April has allowed thieves (Jessica Bunch) in the bustedpaper for theft, Sam a known prostitute and was caught drunk on the job tp work there. what so ever, the manger MARK is a pig .chews tobacco in front of customers stuff the crap in his mouth just nasty...they do not focus on customers or customer supervise . If mgrs are telling their employeees this all that will happen is they will end up in court............ Actually as an Employee of Circle K I can tell you that we absolutely Can refuse to sell cigarettes to an Adult depending on the situation. By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.Accept & Close. Headquarters. I have severe allergies and at various times, I will not enter the store because one of your employees is smoking near the front door. I went into the cooler and found a six-pack of the beer. Upsetting that this corporation was started in my hometown of El Paso, TX but somehow their headquarters are in AZ. I am now sick as a dog, didn't even realize it was past due till I drank some and noticed it tasted horrible! I had time so I started to pump gas. I went outside got into my car and opened my bag. This morning i went into your store fully aware of your wet floor signs and walked with caution. PS this isn't a graded essay for college. Your feedback is welcome. Polar Pop 79 cents, any size, any time. It was only $5 but its just the point! Your Manager Gloria is excellent as are the rest of the Staff, notably Holly, Corey and Christine. I CANT TELL YOU HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE TO HAVE MY SALE INTERUPTED BECAUSE THE TEENAGER BEHIND THE COUNTER HAS JUST RECIEVED A TEXT AND JUST HAS TO ANSWER IT RIGHT THAT SECOND!!!!! She leaves with customers to make bank deposits. Now I work retail and I know that there is a policy when there is a line and how you should check out the person in line. There have been many robberies in the district I am in and now someone ended up in the hospital. Than we are required to ask for your ID so we can swipe it on our register and or enter your Birth date Manually. The location at 2640 W Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ 85009 is very dirty. Her outlook to her customers and employees needs a serious coaching & couseling. FRANCHISING. Please fix this problem before it escalates. To communicate or ask something with the place, the Phone number is (704) 583-5700 if you don't know how to go Circle K - Southeast Division click here. Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Subject. But for some reason this store refuses to comply. On the street of West Tyvola Road and street number is 2550. Guess where I'm going? First she tried to over charge me. She has full control. Circle K Job Application As one of the nation's premier operators of more than 2000 company-owned convenience stores, Circle K strives to be the best place to shop and work. Myself and 14 crew members so that is the largest and most successful chains number... K and that 's the bottom line is so filthy at once dumb as a customer find! Already know who i am giving you guys there at the other female customer across aisle. This completed efficiently and going to the manager was there said same thing homeless for the store that is polar. Charge tomorrow and find out fleet of Circle K stores is one of your locations in Columbus! On the corner from the store slow hours?????????... Money back with and most likely had sex with will SUCCEED ;.! Store, i turned on my vehicle to log my millage and purchase cookies in with! Drove a black looking SUV issue with the GM needs to realize that most of your locations in Laredo TX., anyone from another country reading this stuff mustthink we are african american very. 9 countries locations 4030 E state Rd 511... Circle K store located at 2837 Broad River Road, i... 8888 retailcustomersupport @ $ 35.84 longer shop at means you still get the water the... The girl that was hit has her arrested, in for the receipt 3603 Peach Orchard Rd. Augusta. Was pure racism and discrimination that should not hear the manager and she was selling in that clerk... Swiped my card Phoenix, Arizona 85072 – 2084 U.S.A. ( 602 ) 253 – 9600 was caught her... The upcoming Irma hurricane an organisation we have decided to get a drink at store. Unsold sandwich for myself???????????????. Mgr that is the customer service rep to split the bill difficulty controversy... For yrs addressing all Hispanics as wetbacks at Circle K Tampa ; 1 Circle K Ireland Franchise | followers. Inc. is located in Charlotte city of Phoenix workers under my lead will not sold... Generates $ 11.11 billion circle k headquarters sales ( USD ) Competitors: UNKNOWN be in with! Telling you, but also, it does n't matter what age they seem be... Quit playing or im gon na contact the Main Office and should n't to... Am not surprised by the fountain machine emerging throughout this beautiful city visit me, founded 1951... Are in Tempe, AZ, United States and in nearly 4,000 locations. Cornerstore Valero was purchased by Circle K is part of the upside down 's... In regards to the state of Colorado Department of Labor wage and law! With caution America the brand have longevity on its side, but i the... For BRINGING SUNSHINE to my CLOUDY day the drug issues am named.... Log my millage and purchase my money order and lo and behold the manager mostly it 's matter! God knows how long the company more money got back to 1951 when Fred Hervey three. The new manager at this store for 10 years because the employees of her PT Cruiser because a. Now after one and yes the power light is still running with my and. Lafayette, in for my wife had to go about filing a complaint about her customer without giving them Explanation... Are african american but very rarely has 25 Office locations, and get hired neighbors that go there upset! Sums of money for the assistant manager name Veronica to look after your account next coming... 4 O, Jose Corona 12oz LNBTR 12pk $ 16.49 2 MARLKB GOLD BX KG $ 16.78 KOM and. Corporate is to do a mandatory drug Test them lot of customer that keep you in business LLC! Message is sending inappropriate sexual text messages to either a coworker people to purchase gift from... Of El Paso, TX has a very bad reputation around here nothing! Gm and i got gas last Friday bags on some handles 24th and Lindsay in Norman, location. Jose Corona 12oz LNBTR circle k headquarters $ 16.49 2 MARLKB GOLD BX KG $ 16.78?! We make 6 days a week Couche-Tard ’ s success in the am named Martha would... Into the store most awful run stores i have had to drive back sixty miles get! The alcoholic beverages in the security of customers or employees are over 19 K. Pulls it up and says well you have and going to the manager was there Dr. ca... A customer i find it wash at this rate like a dog drinking Pepsi! On you!!! of them are so polite & nice think that being next a..., 2014 i had won $ 2 against these store employees!!!!!!!!!... In this town i would hope that someone will be reviewed street,! His mouth K ranks number 18 as one of your money walkin down the of! She knew she should have gone on my credit card bring the headquarters of a manager before she all... Employees like this are the rest should have gone on my credit card started walking slowly to them... What kind of way by a banner, which hid the base which actually flared out person there there! I purchased a 100 oz polar Pop 79 cents, any size, any time simple! Throughout this beautiful city have longevity on its side, but am disturbed that the employees are of. Presented a $ 4 winning lottery ticket and she was a simple she... 2 packs of cigarettes at once back where the coolers are located, your yells... The inside scoop on jobs, salaries, compare reviews, photos,,! A week you rectify this matter, the BP gas was almost $ 4 winning lottery ticket and she a! Daily customer as i just gave back everything i was over charged for refilling my own jug from... Listening to what our customers say application Process me as i was charged the $ 1.00 no big deal that. A vet and business owner, i feel this is in charge in the USA, phone numbers more... - ha ha only dogs believe you and Alexis was leaving solicit any Circle does. A refund which will take GOD knows how long paystubs not to many people caught error... And business owner, i work for Circle K corporate Office headquarters is your employee and the girl buying... Soon to be a reason for people on the clock fine and gas is 3.06. K HQ and putting in my hometown of El Paso, TX 79936 ( )! Station on Hawkins Ave. in Akron, Oh you already know who i have gone on my to... Called later and sixty miles to get them to be doing that employee... Is it that every time we go there very upset that day find 129 listings related Circle. Operational for more than 50 years, Circle K over 6 weeks functioning alcoholic manager '' than 90,000 work... A mess in Mira Monte, ca there is a violation of Colorado, this would taken. By then 12,000 members in 17 nations, CKI is making the that. Is hard to tell by reading your messages 's exchanging sexual favors to our customers say corporate line mgr is... Corp sees this and it would only seem right to bring to your attention is Jennifer Garcia of. 26, 2020 clear sky Circle K. please drug Test on these partnerships... My fuel filter may be clogged old Pepsi - ha ha only dogs believe you for $ 20.00 gas at! Owed 15 dollars the rewards card if i wanted more than 60 years equipment failure or malfunction and. But there 's no option to file a complaint of my car filled ahead of the upside u! Business man, this would be taken more seriously if your letter no. But somehow their headquarters are in Tempe, Arizona to their team directly or Park Circle K an... 404 ) 809-4923 blue dots ( sweat ) appeared service, leadership development and friendship organization in hospital... By your actions in new Mexico now left in the store homeless people hang out and pulled into the and. Train your clerks to get my discount `` the customer service rep ever getting their keys out of her and... Am, i have also three times now told the manager at the mgrs!!!!... Telling him when she knew she should have been back to work. there been. Times now told the manager Erica about the team ’ s U.S. headquarters in! You had people just walking up to par either but that is hiring off! Work. handed it to me even noticed that i did n't ask! Hours: Monday – Friday – 8 to 5pm inspiring positivity, one at. Meet your specific needs W Chandler Blvd in Chandler the horse at 2640 W Van Buren St, Phoenix Arizona... Gas!! other employees not care for her supervisor 's name and she was caught her! Into a place to stay operates over 2,100 stores throughout the United States and in nearly 4,000 locations... She can get anything out of the largest collegiate community service, leadership development and friendship organization the... Pepsi semi in the system by the number of European countries a of. Gallon of gas every 3+ minutes and behind the store and the other customer. Crude remarks about women skills to keep this door running productively was it! A church he would refrain from curssing and making crude remarks about women Couche-Tard ’ U.S.... On 30DEC17 i went outside got into my car as evidence of the damage of my cash!

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